“I’ve been searching a long time for you, Azrael.”

“And what makes you so desperate?”

“Because you’re the only one who can protect me.”

Peter and Michael are supposed to be retired. Living off the fat of their last job. But retirement bores them stiff.

That is until they meet computer hacker John Harker who begs for their protection, before revealing that he has recently come into possession of certain “files” belonging to a secretive organization.

The two former assassins agree to harbor the eccentric—even if it’s only for the entertainment value. Skeptical of his “new world order” conspiracies.

But when Harker is murdered in their custody, the two find themselves wanted by both the police and several clandestine entities desperate to get their hands on the stolen files.

Fugitives of the law, Peter and Michael are in a race against time to find out what is in the encrypted files, and survive long enough to uncover a terrible plot that could change the balance of world power forever.