“Look at me, Jack. This city swallowed me up. It broke me. Erased who I was. Now I’m just waitin’ to die.” While searching for a missing undercover agent, careworn London detective Jack Sheridan finds himself thrust into the center of two equally deviant crimes. Firstly, he arrives at a park to find the mutilated remains of a recently butchered woman. Scrawled in her blood on a nearby wall are the words: I am his eyes. It’s the second in the last month and it becomes increasingly clear that London has another killer on the loose. Secondly, Jack finds himself walking into a mass poisoning. Badly cut heroin. With everyone in the criminal world blaming each other, a drugs war seems imminent on London’s streets. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the already labored detective is forced to confront one of the most harrowing and guilty secrets of his past when an old friend goes missing and the man’s brother asks Jack to help find him. “He’s playin’ some kind of game,” the brother tells him. But just what that ‘game’ is will lead Jack to a truly devastating realization. With a killer known as the Watchman terrorizing the city, a drugs war causing carnage, poisoned junkies, the mystery of his missing friend, fallen undercover agents, his daughter’s ever-diminishing mental state, and so much more weighing him down, Jack Sheridan has to confront his past while trying to steer the present into some semblance of order. Is the end truly nigh?